Five Myths About Synthetic Grass

Green SYNLawn Carolina lawn

Synthetic grass has come a long way in the past decade. From the abrasive infill of the 90’s to the realistic, durable artificial turf that is offered today, there is no doubt that synthetic grass has advanced. Despite this, countless myths still surround synthetic grass and perpetuate incorrect ideas about SYNLawn artificial turf. The truth […]

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Artificial Turf Outperforms Natural Sod in the Summer

Children playing soccer on artificial grass in North Carolina

Now that it’s summer, many homeowners will spend hours on their landscaping. Raleigh residents with natural sod lawns know the hassle of scheduling times to water and mow. Artificial grass installations eliminate the need for tedious maintenance, especially during the summer when natural sod needs the most attention. Get your life back this summer and […]

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Improve Your Golf Game Right from Your Backyard

Large backyard artificial putting green in North Carolina

Those who are passionate about golf know how important it is to get in as much practice as possible, especially within 125 yards from the green. Professional golfer Dave Pelz tells all his students that the short game is where golfers miss 80% of your shots to par. That’s why SYNLawn worked with Pelz to […]

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5 Ways to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space

Green lawn in North Carolina backyard

Summer is almost here, which means backyard barbeques and relaxing on patios after a long day. Before you can do that, though, you might want to refresh your outdoor living space to make it feel brand new again. Charlotte residents should take a look at both their landscaping and living areas and notice where they […]

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