Golf Secrets from the Pros: Get a Better Game Now

Golfer putts next to artificial putting greens in North Carolina

Arnold Palmer once quipped that “golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated.” He wasn’t kidding. It’s all well and fine to practice with your driver, but the majority of shots lost to par are due to poor putting practices. You might get lucky and hit a hole-in-one occasionally, but if you’re like most of us […]

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Finding the Best Synthetic Grass in North and South Carolina

The decision to install synthetic turf is big. North and South Carolina residents benefit greatly from reduced water bills, lower maintenance costs and the time saved on caring for natural grass. Choosing a skilled artificial grass company with a quality product, however, can be challenging. How do you know if a business is reputable? What […]

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What to Include in Your DIY Dog Run

Many homeowners jump on the do-it-yourself bandwagon, but there are many things to consider before rushing into a DIY project. Dog runs in particular have made a recent comeback.  These shaded areas offer dogs respite from the day in a cool outdoor lounging area. Spring is just around the corner and Carolinas homeowners will spend […]

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