SYNLawn Synthetic Turf Gives Natural Grass A Run For Its Money

A hammock sits atop an artificial grass backyard

The SYNLawn name has been synonymous with synthetic grass for over four decades. In that time they’ve been at the forefront of taking synthetic turf products to an entirely new and exciting level of authenticity, environmental responsibility, and affordability, and show no signs of slowing down yet. As consumers seek out new ways to make their […]

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Exciting Synthetic Grass Uses

Artificial grass increases a home's living space by making room for a patio set

When you think of uses for synthetic grass, you most likely think of artificial lawns, home putting greens and the like. And while it’s logical to do so, SYNLawn® invites you to think outside of the box along with them in terms of additional places where their state-of-the-art synthetic turf looks and feels right at […]

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10 Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Fall

Fall leaves decorate the backyard landscape in North Carolina

Autumn is a great excuse to create a festive backyard landscape. This is usually the time of year homeowners notice brown spots on the lawn, which can put a damper on your original fall décor ideas. Fortunately, there is no need to panic. Our artificial grass allows homeowners in North and South Carolina to maintain […]

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5 Backyard Must-Haves for Fall

Lounge chairs and firewood accent artificial grass in South Carolina

September marks the start of fall and the time to refresh your home’s landscape both inside and out with cozy fall décor. There are more than a few ways to embrace autumn in your backyard. Southeast Turf / SYNLawn Carolina has come up with just a few of our favorite ideas for fall to keep […]

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Creative Uses for Artificial Grass

You’ve probably seen artificial grass in places like golf courses, businesses and resorts. You’ve also probably seen it popping up more frequently in home landscaping throughout North and South Carolina. After all, artificial lawns provide the look and feel of natural grass without the cost or time it takes to maintain a natural lawn. It’s […]

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